I'd like to have a minute to consider a thoughful reply to Hope, and I think there are excellent ideas here to move forward.  If we can, let's continue to work on the agenda/process we might use for the 'Network' here online, and bring it to the meeting Rebecca proposes to start working on refining the  process and group framework for decision-making.  (I think the 'Network' group has to have some authority to make decisions with the cooperative agreement of CIT management in each decision - we have to start learning how to flatten the organization, so why now experiment here?) The standards discussion is relevant, and could be a group with some cross-representation.

I would suggest that anyone interested in charting out this IT User Support Network respond to Rebecca directly to be involved in the first session - probably not a large group, but to refine the concepts we start with here - and to plan for the first large-group open session.  It would be great to involve clients in this larger group, including students.

The Advocats list AND the PLAN-IT list are both relevant, but Advocats is most closely aligned with the topic.  I agree with Wesley, let's use Advocats for this User Services Network development, and report to Plan-IT with results/action steps.  OK Everyone?


Wesley Alan Wright wrote:

At 11:29 AM -0500 12/14/99, Hope Greenberg wrote:

>So what do we do? And how do we make it different? How about:
>1) Take stock: List all the groups you are now involved in at UVM where
>IT is a core component of your discussion/charge/mission. Post them
>2) Invite the people in those groups, and others that you know are
>involved in IT, to join plan-it
>3) Encourage interested others to join, especially those that prefer to
>lurk: lurkers are an important component of every discussion group. At
>the very least, do what it takes to let people know that the discussions
>will be happening and that the archives are on

There have already been three follow-ups to parts of this discussion
on the ADVOCATS list:

Before we jump into this, how do we pull this discussion together?
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