OK, you are using good Socratic method......
But I hope you contribute your own answers to the questions too!
Is Cavrak on vacation?  I expect some wiley and wordy input!

> o Should this course be taught using Microsoft Technologies or Open
> Technologies?

Both.  Compare and contrast.  The well-schooled student will need both.

> o How much technology support does one course need (both personnel and dollars)

Hmm. Here's the duplication of effort issue, as well as a need for establishment of
funding priorities within the unit w/external support as needed.  Most of us write
grants to support new pedagogical or research-oriented topics.  Some fund-raising
is the responsibility of the faculty member.

> o Who should provide that support (CIT? BSAD? EM-CF?)

I say, an org that takes the lead and convinces the community of a standard, gets
to support it, with help.  Maybe that means some additional central dollars, but
once a standard is developed, why is it CIT's responsibility to support all the
standards?  Why can't BSAD or other org cover the campus support needs for some of
the products, especially if they are working on applying them in the field
(additional value)?  Ie getting the support piece is not punishment, but the
opportunity to lead and shine - it also places responsibility on innovators to
consider the implications of independent decisions.

Here's where funding strategies conflict with a distributed model, and need to be
re-structured to distribute the work.  Here's a challenge for Rebecca - why can't
the IT organization propose a model for funding an organization that takes this
distributed model?  Why can't we be a model for a new funding scheme?  Let the
organizational model we create drive the funding method design......But that would
make sense.....

> o Who should teach the course?

A web-bot - self guided, with online and individual and group meetings w/faculty
(mentoring) as needed to direct self-learning.

> o How much should they be paid?

A lot more than they are now. But the above scenario might mean if the computers
take care of the dumb stuff, the faculty takes on more students/advising/integrated
research/teaching - the smart stuff.

> o Should UVM's academic curriculum match UVM's business practices?

A trick question?  Probably neither.  We have BUSINESS practices?  We have academic
practices that attempt to mirror business practices, but we're a long way from the
accountability/client orientation/resiliency/entrepreneurship/innovation
environment that most business are required to operate under.

Maybe you can clarify.

> o The UVM Catalouge lists over 3000 courses. How many of those serve any
>    Training and Development needs?

Good question - those microcomputer applications classes to begin with.  There's a
good basline skill set for all fac/staff.  Pass a test when you are hired,
otherwise you go to class.

> and a bonus question
> o The UVM Catalouge lists over 3000 courses. How many are specifically
>    "Web Development" oriented.

Training or education, training or education.  I'm spinning with the arguments back
and forth.  Are we not here to educate the leadership of America?  Aren't leaders
going to need the information tools?    If computing literacy were able to be
certified in Secondary Ed, maybe we wouldn't have so much of a problem.   In my
mind, the microcomputing skill set is remedial, and should be offered as such.
Again w/faculty/staff.  Pass the test, you don't have to go to micro school.  Some
annual module updates and develops new skill sets, and these are prerequisites for
everything else.

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