Andrew Hendrickson wrote:
> I feel that Hope's sentiments about "why are you dragging me into yet
> another meeting" are common to many of us.

Whoa! Hold on a second. I guess I didn't get my point across. I don't
mind attending another meeting. Meetings are fun. You get to chat, to
kvetch, maybe get some cookies and generally get out of doing real work
for a couple of hours. Oops, I'm probably not supposed to say that. What
I meant was:

- if you are going to have a meeting, don't just post the time/place
once and expect to be able to say "well we had a meeting/open forum. If
you wanted to provide input you should have been there."  (cf. forums on
UVM ID badges)
- you've got to lay the groundwork to gather participation (cf.
strategic action process)
- you must carefully consider who will be impacted by your decisions and
make sure they are part of the process (are all tech reps on advocats?
does advocats speak for faculty and students? is advocats@list really
the place for all this? if so, what is plan-it for?)
- and it wouldn't hurt to do a little preliminary work defining terms
(what does "support" mean anyway)

Speaking of faculty and students (and of Steve, for that matter), we are
now in finals, with break coming up. How do we garner the support of
people if they are not here. (Sometimes we 12-monthers forget that the
entire university doesn't beat to our drum.)

- Hope