Thanks for the comments here, Hope.  Right on.  This is a great time - after
break in Jan to plan to develop the network and start some initial framing
for work in the spring semester.


Hope Greenberg wrote:

> Andrew Hendrickson wrote:
> > I feel that Hope's sentiments about "why are you dragging me into yet
> > another meeting" are common to many of us.
> Whoa! Hold on a second. I guess I didn't get my point across. I don't
> mind attending another meeting. Meetings are fun. You get to chat, to
> kvetch, maybe get some cookies and generally get out of doing real work
> for a couple of hours. Oops, I'm probably not supposed to say that. What
> I meant was:
> - if you are going to have a meeting, don't just post the time/place
> once and expect to be able to say "well we had a meeting/open forum. If
> you wanted to provide input you should have been there."  (cf. forums on
> UVM ID badges)
> - you've got to lay the groundwork to gather participation (cf.
> strategic action process)
> - you must carefully consider who will be impacted by your decisions and
> make sure they are part of the process (are all tech reps on advocats?
> does advocats speak for faculty and students? is advocats@list really
> the place for all this? if so, what is plan-it for?)
> - and it wouldn't hurt to do a little preliminary work defining terms
> (what does "support" mean anyway)
> Speaking of faculty and students (and of Steve, for that matter), we are
> now in finals, with break coming up. How do we garner the support of
> people if they are not here. (Sometimes we 12-monthers forget that the
> entire university doesn't beat to our drum.)
> - Hope


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