Subject: Two Key Erate Dates: December 15 (PY1 Bear forms) and January
19 (PY3 471 Forms)

Here are two key E-rate dates to keep in mind:

December 15, 1999: The last day on which the SLD will accept BEAR forms from
applicants for reimbursed discounts on PY1 funding awards.  BEARs must be
received at the SLD by this date.  Applicants who have just received "black
hole" awards (see above) must move quickly to take advantage of this
additional funding. (Limited exceptions to this deadline may be announced
applicants just now receiving funding awards under successful PY1 appeals.)

January 19, 2000: The last day that the SLD will receive window period Form
471 applications for PY3.  Before submitting a Form 471, an applicant must
have previously filed a Form 470 and have had that form posted on the SLD
site for at least 28 days.  The SLD has been adamant, in recent weeks, in
stating that this January date will not be extended.  The January date was
carefully selected to allow the SLD to meet a commitment to complete PY3
funding prior to the start of the third program year on July 1, 2000.

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