Not under any circumstances should you be divulging the identity of who
checked out what.  Your intuition is correct and you should specify in
your purchasing decisions an automated system that does not keep that kind
of history in a retrievable file.

This is a control thing and the nurse instructors need to use another
method for assuring that the students are accesing the information.  You
and they could take a page from the mandatory CE methodology where they
sit down and watch a video and have a sign-in sheet that the student was
present or have a little "self-assessment"  that the student would have to
fill out and turn in on the content of the video.  Otherwise, they are out
of line.

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Mangano, Debra wrote:

> We are in the same boat ... I too would appreciate any suggestions:
> Our library also serves a baccalaureate nursing program, and we are dealing
> with this exact situation. Our first-year nursing students are required to
> watch a series of videos throughout the semester, and because the instructor
> (supposedly) does not allow them to take the exam without having first
> watched the video, we not only check the video out to the student in our
> automated circ system, but we must also record on a log sheet the time they
> checked it out, the time the checked it back in, initial both times, and
> then the student signs the log sheet when they are finished watching it, to
> prove that it actually was that person who watched it. Most of the time the
> students come in groups to watch the same video, and we must do this for
> each person.
> This is one of those things that was in place before any of the current
> staff came on board, so we've just been going along with it up to this
> point. What is really irritating is that the instructor has us go to all of
> this trouble, and then doesn't even check the log that we keep. Each
> semester I ask her if she still wants us to do this, and she says yes, she
> will definitely be checking it THIS semester ...
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>         [Excerpt]
> >   We have been asked to keep the log of check-in/check-out so that the
> > faculty can look to see who has actually been doing their assignments -
> > even
> > to the extent of asking each individual student to sign for a particular
> > video even when they come in little flocks to watch it together.  I am NOT
> > comfortable with this.  Normally, we regard this as confidential info and
> > do
> > not share who has or has not borrowed or used *any* materials.  I also do
> > not like being asked to "police" students as to whether they're doing
> > their
> > homework or not - this seems to me to be the students' responsibility, and
> > if they miss the material, it will show up in their exams and be dealt
> > with
> > accordingly.  If they answer their exam questions correctly without having
> > seen the assigned video, well, then, they're either getting the info some
> > other way or the exams aren't asking the right questions. [Excerpt]
> >
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