We used to do this for books and still do it for journals.  It is an
unmitigated pain.  Perhaps if we had a more responsive subscriptions

Re: your three points of justification.  Number 2 is certainly true.  Number
3 may be true, depending on how you organize things.  There's more to
organizing resources than just being the procurer.  As for number 1, I doubt
it.  Not unless you have the authority to limit purchasing of duplicates.
My experience has been that if another department has the money and wants
the item, they'll get it whether it's a duplicate or not.  However, this
DOES give you the opportunity to negotiate about duplicates- if you have the

One justification you overlooked is that you can relieve the departments of
having to deal with ordering subscriptions, claiming missing issues, and
straightening out the inevitable publisher screw-ups.  Centralized ordering
puts these tasks into the hands of a professional who is used to dealing
with such things.  But it also makes the librarian responsible for the
service, so if things go badly (remember what I said about subscription
agents?) you can become the villain instead of the hero.

I think you need to consider the return on your invested time and energy.
Ask yourself how doing this will benefit your library.

Good luck.

Michael Heyd, AHIP
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> Subject: Centralized Purchases: Journals and books
> Good morning, Everyone,
>     Our hospital is looking into centralized purchases for books and
> journals for each department.  My job is to find out what
> advantages it
> will bring.  The following is my justification:  1. Eliminates
> duplicates, which cuts down expenses; 2.  Reduces cost for producing
> checks;  3.  Centralizes, controls, and organizes resources throughout
> the hospital.
> It all sounds very good to me but resources in our library including
> manpower are pretty limited.  Is it worthwhile to take over this
> burden?  Would you please let me know what you think?  I need
> to write a
> proposal very soon.  Thank you for your kind suggestion and advice.
> Myoung
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