We resolved this issue by having Purchasing forwarding all reqs to the
library. Most people comply. Some order via phone (usually in response to
a sales call), but this is clearly a violation of hospital policy, and
most below the VP level comply when notified of policy.

I find it easier to deal with one dept (Purchasing as gatekeeper) rather
than many depts. However, this system has been in place for so long that
it's familiar to everyone.  Also, they're delighted to have someone else
(library) pay for their purchases, so this improves compliance.

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On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Jameson School of Nursing Library wrote:

> Every department is "supposed" to send their purchase request to me for
> verification, to check for duplication and to record for future reference
> and then I send it along to Purchasing to be ordered. Is that how it
> actually happens 85% of the time? Not by a long shot. I've given
> presentations at our Administrative staff meetings, sent memos, called
> people directly and yet they still don't get the procedure right. What are
> you gonna do?
> I suggest that if a hospital wants the library to coordinate the purchasing
> of publications then they better make sure that all departments know the
> right way to order. If not, you're going to have one big on-going headache.