Hi Mayris,

We've done all sorts of things to "promote" our library.  In the first
place we have a bi-monthly newsletter that has pretty wide distribution.
We have exhibited at state and local meetings (medical, allied health
mostly) for which we received a grant.  Also, we started our "outreach"
efforts more than three years ago where we market our library services to
area hospitals, law firms, corporations and non-affiliated health
personnel.  We now have about 18 institutional members of which 14 are
hospitals.  We are greatful for the income this generates and they
appreciate the high quality of service they receive from us.

Our marketing efforts included sending letters from our Dean to the
CEO's of the hospitals, law firms, etc. outlining our services.
These letters were followed up by calls and sometimes, if there was
interest, by on-site visits by us to their sites or they came here if
they wished.  We have a contract with the AHEC which brings in a nice bit
of extra funding and this year we've added a circuit librarian position
undeer the AHEC grant.

Another thing we do is to promote ourselves in the local media as much as
possible.  Every two years we host an InfoFair which is very well
attended and gets local news coverage.  And, I worked with a friend of
mine who has his own local publishing company and who had a "contact" at
our city's newspaper, to develop an article about the "wonders" of our
library.  I wrote the first draft, my friend edited that, and the paper
did the final edit.  It was published not long ago and if you want to see
it go to as we've
loaded a copy of it on our homepage site.

Hope this helps.


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On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Woods, Mayris SJM wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Our staff has been brainstorming various ways to promote our Medical Library
> and now I am turning to you for any ways you have promoted your library.
> Anything and any thoughts will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mayris Woods
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> I can summarize if anyone desires.