When the intitial mailing came out about the AMA journals which was that if you had a
subscription to two titles, you could get the rest for a great bargain :), I called the
man in charge.

I asked if there was any archiving mechanism in place. There is not nor did he see one
developed in the near future due to changing technology. Basically you are renting
online journals for a year unless you renew.

Nor was there any interlibrary loan facility.

These programs are great for physicians (who depend on libraries to keep back issues)
or as supplements to the library collection.

There are few lunches and they are not dependable. (And even the cheap lunches are
getting very expensive.)

Nancy Manninen
Portage Health System
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Nichols William F Civ 96 MSGS wrote:

> If this is what I'm thinking it is, I got it several weeks ago.  Assuming
> we're both playing off the same sheet of music, take a look again at the
> sheet -- for what they term the "Essential Medical Library"  there are
> different rates for two separate sets of customers:   a "corporate/industry"
> rate & a separate set of institutional rates for "universities, hospitals,
> academics, libraries, and other non-profit groups."  The institutional rates
> are much less.
> Also, if you have two or more AMA subs, which most libraries would,
> the rate is even lower.  (The quoted rate does *not* include the price of
> the other 2 subs, of course).
> But, yes, the list of free does seem to get smaller & smaller.  TANSTAAFL,
> I guess, just some places are more lenient with it than others.  BMJ, for
> example, remains free, while other BMJ Pub family online journals aren't.
> Bill @ Eglin
>  ----------
> From: Shannon Clever
> I just received a notice in the mail yesterday concerning the new costs for
> the AMA journals (JAMA & Archives).  Total cost will be over $3600 for
> online
> access.  If you sign up now you can get a real deal for only $1900.  So, I
> guess you may remove all of the AMA items from the list.  It does get
> smaller
> and smaller doesn't it?
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