This is something I try to track for a variety of reasons.  I'm currently
working with the Wisconsin program to develop such programs, using funding
from the Robert Wood Johnson Partnership for Training initiative, which has
funded statewide initiatives to develop nurse practitioner, nurse midwife,
and physician's assistant programs that can be taken via distance learning.
RWJ is now encouraging all these programs to use asynchronous web-based
learning.  They are also supposed to include interdisciplinary content.  In
many cases, state AHEC (Area Health Education Center) sytems are working
with these projects - in Wisconsin, AHEC applied fro the grant (with UW
Madison).  I'd like to know what other listed programs are doing about
library resources!!!

The RWJ programs I can find on the net, with links to their academic
partners, include the following:


Minnesota Partnerships for Training -
 (see also - Guide, long, I
believe developed as part of NLM grant related to this project)

Central California Community Partnerships -

Mountain and Plains Partnership - Colorado & Wyoming -  (see Lynne Fox's Telehelth Resources page
on this site)

North Carolina Partnerships for Training -- A Robert Wood Johnson Grant
        A collaborative project with the Duke School of Nursing and PA Program and the Eastern Carolina University
School of Nursing

Delta Health Education Partnership (DHEP) (4 states) -

Greater Detroit Area Partnership - no website listed, but contact info at

University of New Mexico -

See also the home page for RWJ project with program overview:

Note that the online programs at these schools may be in various stages of
development.  Most are to the point where prospective students can apply and
start taking online courses, with expectation that all required courses will
be online in time for them to graduate.  One reason that these projects are
academic/community partnerships is that the students will need to find local
preceptors for the clinical part of their education.

Other schools with online NP programs (gleaned from similar questions to
nursing listservs) include the following:

St. Louis University -

University of MO-Columbia Sinclair School of Nursing -

Duquesne University School of Nursing -

St. Joseph's College of Maine -  Select academics -
then nursing - then MS - not NP yet

University of Phoenix - - one
known for not providing library support.

See also the Education section of HealthWeb - Nursing at  , for addresses of other nursing

Hope this helps - Peg

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> Does anyone know where nurse practitioner programs may be taken over the
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