Do summarize any responses you get off list - I hope others respond as Tom
has.  I'd be particularly intersted in how you've promoted your library to
nursing and allied health professionals, as I've been asked to include this
in a CE course and can always use more ideas.

Recently, I looked at the excellent book MLA put together on this topic,
which was distributed in registration packet at MLA in Chicago this year.
Titled "Making a Difference - Communications Tool Kit," it is available free
on the MLA website, at  I don't
see ordering information if you don't want to print your own copy....

Hope this helps - Peg

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> Hello everyone,
> Our staff has been brainstorming various ways to promote our Medical
> and now I am turning to you for any ways you have promoted your library.
> Anything and any thoughts will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mayris Woods
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> I can summarize if anyone desires.