Stroke guidelines are at Primary Care Clinical Practice Guidelines

Each hospital medical staff can determine who can do what procedure based
upon training and qualifications.  So, it does not necessarily need to be a
 neurologist who orders t-PA as long as the specialists have determine the
 guidelines for starting t-PA.  A physician would have to apply for
privileges to order t-PA just as they would apply for priviledges to treat
acute MI patients in the CCU/ICU..

KAISER Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Stroke:
Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Acute Ischemic Stroke (October 1996)
"4. Neurologist has been consulted (at least by telephone) and concurs with
t-PA use.
Neurology will participate in ongoing inpatient management."
  This would mean that a non-neurologist could give the orders as long as
neurology was consulted.

National Stroke Association  Stroke Center Recommendations

Operational Recommendations
3.The Center has a designated medical director committed to acute stroke
4.The stroke team has the appropriate experience to maintain skill and
proficiency in the care of stroke patients

Organizational Recommendations
The Stroke Center team include a specialist and support in:
           a.  Neurology
           b.  Neurological Surgery
           c.  Neuroradiology
           d.  Emergency Medicine
           e.  Rehabilitation Medicine
The Stroke Center team should include, on an as needed basis, a specialist
and support in:
           a. Primary Care
           b. Cardiology
           c. Vascular Surgery
           d. Internal Medicine
           e. Hematology
           f. Infectious Diseases
           g. Gastroenterology
           h. Pathology
           i. Critical Care

TPA Stroke Study Group Physician's Orders
Because time is critical (< 3 hrs), it could be the ER physican who orders
the t-PA:
Emergency Department Orders:  Set Two - Thrombolytic Therapy

More guidelines, pathways and orders at The Brain Attack Coalition
Acute Stroke Toolbox

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Primary Care Clinical Practice Guidelines
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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 11:53:30 -0800, Owens, Janet : MP Library
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>I am looking for community hospital standards/guidelines/policies with
>regard to the administration of t-PA for stroke victims.
>Our community hospital established a new stroke unit that currently
>orders from a neurologist for the administration of t-PA for stroke
>The staff wants to know, now that t-PA has been used for stroke for several
>years now, do any community hospitals have standards or guidelines that DO
>NOT require that the orders come from a neurologist. The stroke unit staff
>members here are thoroughly familiar with the stringent criteria that must
>be met for a victim to be considered a good risk for t-PA.
>I've already searched the National Guideline Clearinghouse and Medline.
>If you have access to your community hospital's policies on this topic and
>can share them, I would greatly appreciate it.
>Thank you.
>Janet Owens
>Legacy Meridian Park Hospital
>Tualatin, OR 97062