Hi correction, the data I sent out yesterday is for 1998.  I sent
Laurie (at AOT) a msg. confirming that the data is for '99, but she said that
it's not.  I'm not sure why, but they aren't working on '99 data, yet.  I wish
that I had access to the DMV/AOT database, I'd create the report myself.

But, the data is still useful.

One other note:  The GMBC had another advocacy meeting last night.  The club is
moving forward on several fronts.

1. Update of the DMV drivers manual (changing wording, adding text, etc) on
bicycles.  We'll (gmbc) work with Amy's help on this.
2.  The GMBC will begin work on iroducing a t-shirt and bumper sticker (this is
a joint effort between the Vt. Bike & Ped Coalition and the GMBC, and before any
design is finialized, it will be passed by the coalition).
3.  We also spoke about (and motioned to) sending a letter to Karen K and other
appropiate people in state gov stating that we (GMBC) are in favor of removing
the wording from the bill about side paths, and we motioned to draft a letter
support the hiring of additional state police officiers to control traffic and
so on.

The next meeting for GMBC is a week before the VT B&Ped Coal meeting on Feb
15th.  GMBC hopes to have a few commitee members show up for that.   I assume
that this date for the Coalition meeting is still correct?



---------------------- Forwarded by Kevin Bessett/BVT/IDX1 on 01/19/2000 08:03
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Kevin Bessett
01/18/2000 02:52 PM

Subject:  Figures
Hey, yesterday I spoke with Laurie Robers at the AOT about getting some data
from last year on bike/ped collisions with cars.  She told me that the report
isn't written yet (because they have a new computer system, and that's something
that they have to get to).

She told me, however, that she'd talk to her manager and get back to me today.

I spoke with her a short while ago and she told me that she made me a report.
It gives the collision numbers for 1999:

> 115 car/pedestrian collisions
> 60 car/bike collisions

Those are pretty high numbers!  I'm verifying from her that this is 1999 data.
I'm pretty sure that it is.

We should probably work these numbers into our letter to the gov.


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