Hi all,

Attached and pasted below are Bud's notes of our meeting of January 11.
Also attached is a revised work plan including the changes we made to it.
As you know Peter has sent an excellent letter to Rep. Kitzmiller and I have
send a letter inviting her to our next meeting on March at City Hall in

Also attached is a list of people who have paid their dues for the current
year.  Again, I urge you all to pay dues if you have not done so both to
give us some funds for our ambitious work plan and as a sign of your
commitment.  As of the end of the month I will only mail directly to people
who have paid their dues although those who are on the list serve will
receive a copy from there.  A membership form is attached if you do not have


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Here are the Jan 11 Meeting Notes/Minutes:

Meeting Notes
Montpelier, Tuesday, Jan 11, 1999
Attending: George Plumb,Tony Redington, Amy Bell, Kevin Besset, Dave
Jacobowitz, Dave Cunningham, Dale Crictlow, Rick Good, Peter Duval, Kathy
Davidow, Bud Haas
Meeting Called to Order by Chair, George Plumb at 5:45 PM.
Meeting Notes for Oct 19, 1999:  Approved.
Report of the Chair:
-George reported receiving a  VLCT draft of a model municipal policy which
included positive bike ped stuff.
-He asked all members of VBPC to pay dues. George wanted to send minutes and
meeting notices only to paid members.  It was agreed to continue to send
minutes and notices to paid members AND to the BikePed List. (See note at
bottom these minutes re BikePed List).
-He reported on the December meeting with Jeff Miller, Executive Director of
the Bicycle Coalition of  Maine (BCM), which was considered an excellent and
inspiring event.
Treasurer's Report:  Approximate balance $500.  Dave will post a report to
his website.
Legislation Committee:   Dave reported that Karen Kitzmiller is looking for
direction from VBPC.  Discussion followed. It was agreed to (1)send her a
copy of the October 1999 Consenus Statement on Shoulders. (2) agree with the
elimination of the "Sidepath Law" (3) Eliminate the definition, wherever
appearing of ,"shoulder" as a "bike lane", and (4) hold off on changing the
shoulder paving language in the current law.  There was a MOTION and
agreement to invite Karen Kitzmiller to the next meeting to have a general
discussion of bike ped issues.  Peter agreed to inform Karen of the VBPC
current stand on these various issues.
Logo: Eric Scharnberg presented a draft VBPC logo. The group approved of the
design, with the word "Vermont" spelled out, and asked him to see if he
could put a rider on the bicycle.
MOTION: To send the October 1999 VBPC Consensus Shoulder Statement to the
VAOT.   George agreed to send it.

VAOT BikePed Coordinator Report:   Amy reported  (1)that the Governor's new
budget has a new position of  assistant BikePed Coordinator , (2) that
requests for projects for the year 2000 Bike Ped Program has gone out to the
RPCs.  Application deadline is the 1st week in April, (3)  that work on the
"National Center for Biking and Walking"  BikePed Facility Design Manual,
which would "combine what's out there" to help develop Vermont Standards,
will be starting soon.
Work Plan 2000. George will attach his notes of the Work Plan 2000
discussion  and volunteer assignments.
GMBC:  Kevin reported that the GMBC is meeting soon to discuss bicycle
related legislation.
Letter to Governor. The chair was authorized to sign and forward  a letter
to the Governor regarding pedestrian and cycling accidents in Vermont.
Next VBPC business meeting will be Feb. 15, in Montpelier.  Time and place
Persons interested in BBPC stuff (and these meeting notes) should sign on to
the BikePed List. Here's how:  To join the vtbikepedpolicy-l list, send
e-mail to: [log in to unmask] and put the subscribe command as the first
line of your message along with the list name and your first and last name.
For example:  sub vtbikepedpolicy-l Joan A. R. Person
Persons interested in supporting and joining the VBPC should sent 10 bucks
to  305 Plumb Lane, Washington, VT 05675.

Meeting notes by,
Bud Haas