Unfortunately, my tenure with AOT is over and although I am not currrently
residing in VT I will try to keep up with what is going on.  I will not be
able to attend the April 18th meeting but I did want to provide some of my
thoughts on achievable objectives.

1) I think communication needs to be improved between both the coalition and
the clubs scattered across the state and also between the coalition and AOT.
  For example, the spot improvement cards are a great idea but without any
direct influence with AOT, it is ineffective.

2)  Share the Road Campaign: this includes changes to the driver's manual,
public service announcements and other promotional material.  I know a lot
of people are working on different aspects of this but this would also be an
ideal opportunity for communication and cooperation between the groups.

I know there were more suggestions that I wanted to include but they seemed
to have slipped my mind.  I apologize for this.  There are a lot of good
opportunities here but its important to remember that it's going to take
some time for things to change.  Be patient and try not to get frustrated
with the setbacks.  The Bike & Ped. Program is doing valuable work and it
doesn't help anyone to vent your frustrations on them.
I'm sorry for preaching but I wanted to share my perception of the time I
spent working with AOT and the advocacy groups.  Kudos to all for putting
your time and effort into the cause.  It's been a pleasure.
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