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Subject: Re: [MLMATHNET] FW: [MLMATHNET] what is standards-based mathematics
Date: Sat, Feb 12, 2000, 10:01 PM

Thanks for the information and question that led us to the website about old
discussions [the archives of postings that are kept on the UVM Website]..

I [am] very interested in the heterogeneous is the one topic
I am hearing more than any others in numerous schools who are implementing
s.b. math programs...they often note the impossibility of success with these
programs when they homogeneously group and are working with the lowest

I think that sb mathematics programs and homogeneity are by design like oil
and water because so much is dependent on a shared learning/strategy model
which is very limited when you flatten the knowledge base and narrow the
range of thinking that can be shared between students...

Having been faced with this time and again this year I have begun to read
the research on ability grouping and was amazed at the overwhelming evidence
opposing ability groups (probably not a surprise to many who have done the
reading prior to this)...I am also amazed at how eager those who feel
passionate about tracking in elementary school are so willing to disregard
the research even though more now than ever it is obvious that there is a

Beth Hulbert
Barre Town Middle School & the Vermont Math Initiative