Below are pasted new minutes for last Tuesday's meeting, with changes
courtesy of George.  Bunky

Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition


Present: George Plumb, Jan McCleery, Rich Warren, Dale Critchlow, Bunky
Bernstein, Amy Bell

Call to Order: 5:50 PM Montpelier City Hall

Minutes approved 5-0

President's Report:  George has had a busy time since the last meeting,
sending out the first VBPC mailing ever to all members, having bumper
and membership decals
printed at New England Label @$291.48 FOR 300 membership decals and
FOR 1,000 bumper stickers), producing the Share the Road PSA in
with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine (approximately $400, to be paid by the
Governors' Council of Physical Fitness and Sports), and finally attending
meeting with Chapin Spencer and Brian Costello (Burlington Bikeways), Lou
Bresee (Lake Champlain Bikeways), Ben Haydock (GMBC), and Jeannette Perry
Vt. Mtn. Bike Assoc., and David Jacobowitz to explore a way for all groups
work together under one advocacy umbrella group, presumably the
VBPC. George
and Chapin will work up a more firm written proposal for review by this
group. George also announced the New England Bicycle Advocacy Conference
in Hartford, CT. George will likely be attending and he urges others to
also. Bunky and Dale expressed a possible interest.

Treasurer's Report: In the absence of the treasurer, George reported we
more members than ever--51.

Old Business:
        1. 501-C3 George has the paperwork and will fill it out during the
next few months.

        2. Share the Road brochure distribution: 11,000 have been printed
distributed. Dale presented a summary. We will discuss another
next Spring.  Amy volunteered that AOT can print 2000 more as a final
        3. Brochure for Motorists: George will contact Rich Good
re: Designing
this based on the Maine brochure. There was some

discussion questioning the utility of this brochure, however.

4.  PSA: The Share the Road PSA is in. By general discussion, we decided
work toward airing this in the Spring.

 Amy Bell's report: Amy has been busy attending conferences around the
and also the Pro Bike/Pro Walk conference in Philadelphia, a meeting of
advocates with workshops on advocacy and design, among others. 8
attended, including 3 from the AOT. Amy announced there will be an
Bike-Ped coordinator at AOT, possibly as early as 11/1/00. The job will
public education, outreach, safety, mapping, and project oversight. Amy
announced that Vermont has spent all its TEA21 funds, one of the only 10
to do so. Plus $6M in state highway funds were earmarked for enhancements.
Finally, Amy applied, but was turned down for a $40K grant to study
bicycle and
pedestrian accidents statewide. She suggested the Coalition lobby the dept
Public Safety by the next deadline, 5/01.

New Business:
        1 By unanimous vote, on a motion proposed by Rich Warren and
by Dale Critchlow,10 members were elected to the Board of
Directors: Richard
Bernstein, Dale Critchlow, Kathy Davidow, Richard Good, Bud Haas, David
Jacobowitz, Jan McCleery, George Plumb, Tony Redington, and Richard
Warren, all
for a three year term. Richard Bernstein was appointed as a nominating
committee to present a slate of officers at the next meeting.
        2.Rich Warren offered to speak with members of the Killington Bike
Club to seek representation from that part of the state on the Board.
        3. Rich Warren will explore designs to include a bicycle rider on
logo and bumper sticker.
        4. We will give out our current bumper stickers around the state
opportunities arise.
        5. General information brochure: We decided to put this project on
hold until we define our organization based on meetings with other bicycle

Next Meeting: Wednesday,  Nov 4, 6:30 pm, place to be
announced.        Tasks
include electing officers and discussing the change of the
purpose and structure to a statewide umbrella    organization.

Adjourn:   7:50pm

Richard Bernstein

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