Dear Folks:

    Thank you all for your support as a director for VBPC.  I apologize for
not being at recent meetings but a job change and a heavy schedule of local
and regional activity has kept me busy--almost all bike/ped related.

    The Montpelier/Berlin Bikepath Committee working on the largest 4.37 mile
section of the Central Vermont Regional Bikepath meets Monday to deal with
the grade separated (under bridge)/US 2 at grade crossing.  It turns out that
a roundabout safety panel I participated on last Thursday included my
emphasis on pedestrian safety and Per Garder from the University of Maine did
his doctoral thesis on intersection ped/bicycle crashes and is also a
roundabout expert.  We exchanged notes today on the status of current
research and this should lead to a full understanding of both British
research (apparently the best and most comprehenisve) and European data
regarding ordinary intersections (sign control/signals) and roundabouts.
Also, there is an international debate about marking pedestrians at all
(other than with two simple crossing lines) and safety--even a subject of an
ITE (US'  Institute of Traffic Engineers)  magazine article recently.

    Sample estimates of expected ped crash rates on typical street crossings
have been developed for Montpelier crossings.

    Also, last night the Montpelier City Council received the competed study
from their appointed committee unanimously recommending a roundabout at US
2/302 adjacent to Walker Motors.  This includes closing down a half-mile lane
of traffic (from three lanes to two), translating the space to two 4-foot
mark bicycle shoulders (lanes), and extending the sidewalk along the same
corridor to the roundabout.  This new roundabout will also provide an
excellent transition to a short hop to the new Central Vermont Regional Path.

    Check out wherever I am to make sure our brochures are in place and look
forward to making a VBPC meeting!   Have a date to present an introduction to
roundabouts at the So. Burl. Rec. Path group, I believe at 7 p.m., Columbus
Day, October 9 at So. Burlington City Hall  (David to confrim time, date).

Tony Redington

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