Hi all,

I have received the four thirty second Share The Road PSA's.  Now we need to
get them into the hands of the network stations and local cable providers
who will use them.

I want to have them hand delivered to the appropriate contacts, discuss why
they important, and arrange for their showing and return.  I need some help
doing that.  My thought is to try to get them on one or two network stations
this fall and then the rest in the spring.  Cable likewise.  I have a list
of network stations but don't have a list of the local cable providers.
Does anyone?

Here are the network contacts:

Channel 2, WCAX, 30 Joy Dr., So. Burlington-James Streder-658-6300.

Channel 5, WPTZ, 45 Roosevelt Highway, Colchester-Russ Nelligan-655-5455.

Channel 22, WVNY, 530 Shelburne Rd. So. Burlington-Linda Noyes-658-8022

Channel 31, WWNE, 5 Televison Dr., Plattsburg-James Gratton-don't know phone

Do any of you have contacts with any of these people?  Would you be willing
to make a visit?  If you don't and are nearby would you be willing to make a
visit anyways?

Do any of you have contacts with local cable providers and would be willing
to pay them a visit?

We paid good money for these.  Now we need to get them aired!

Thanks for your help and suggestions appreciated.

A reminder that our next coalition meeting will be on Tuesday, September 26,
5:30, Memorial Room, City Hall, Montpelier.  Agenda to be sent later.


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