Hi all,

The agenda for our 26th meeting is attached and also pasted below.  This is
a general membership meeting for the purpose of electing a new board of
directors.  You should be receiving in the mail today or Monday a packet of
materials including names of proposed board members.  Our bylaws provide for
up to 15 members and we have only 10 proposed so we have openings for 5
more.  We can use all the help we can get to help implement our projects so
if you are at all interested or know of others who might be interested
please come to the meeting.

See you on the 26th.


Tuesday, September 26, 5:30 PM
Council Chambers, City Hall, Montpelier
(Use the rear door)

Item-Responsible     Time Outcomes

Notes from Previous Meeting-George  5:30 Approval

Review Agenda-George     Changes to agenda

President’s Report-George    5:35 Update

Treasurer’s Report-Dave    5:40 Update

Old Business & Reports

 501c3 status - George
 Share the Road brochure distribution plan – Dale
 Buck A Bike Plan-Rick and Dave
 Review Work Plan and agree on tasks-George
 Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator Report - Amy

New Business  7:45
 Election of Board Members
 Appoint Nominating Committee

Review homework for next meeting. 7:50 Agree on volunteer tasks.

Next Meeting  7:55 Set date, place and agenda for next

Adjourn  8:00

Please let George Plumb if you will not be attending.  Please print out this
agenda and bring to the meeting.