Hi all,

I thought you would be interested in the notes from a meeting I helped
initiate and attended a few weeks ago.  I will keep you posted on
development.  Thoughts appreciated.


Vermont Cycling Leader Meeting
Main Street Landing, Burlington, VT
Aug 22nd, 2000

On August 22nd several cycling leaders met to address where cycling is
headed in Vermont. We discussed what our hopes and visions were, and what
we've done up to this time. Also discussed was the idea of consolidating
some of our advocacy/education efforts under one "umbrella" organization.

This was also an opportunity for Burlington Bikeways to show various
cycling leaders the organizing space they are renting alongside the
Burlington bikepath. This facility is being set up as "a cycling info
center" for the region.  Chapin Spencer wanted insight as to how other
cycling groups would like to utilize the space. i.e.: office space, meeting
space, resource dissemination, etc. and how, or if, other cycling groups
would be able to help pay for such a resource.

Following are the notes from that meeting.

Present were:
Chapin Spencer: Burlington Bikeways, Interim Executive Director
Brian Costello: Burlington Bikeways / Bike Ferry
George Plumb: Vermont Bike and Pedestrian Coalition
David Jacobowitz: So. Burlington Bike Path Committee, Governor's Council
Physical Fitness and Sports and Working on 501C3
Ben Haydock: Green Mountain Bike Club
Lou Bresee: Lake Champlain Bikeways
Jeannette Perry: Vermont Mountain Bike Advocates

These various groups have completed the following projects:

Vermont Bicycle Pedestrian Coalition:
 Share the road flyers and bicycling VT fact sheet
 Embarking on a "Share the Road " campaign.
 Public service announcements regarding "share the road."
 Bumper stickers, "share the road."

Burlington Bikeways:
 Ten mile interpretive bike loop, Cycle the City (Burlington)

Green Mountain Bicycle Club:
 Regularly scheduled time trials, and group rides, both mountain and road.
 Supported bike racers

Vermont Mountain Bike Advocates:
 Map of Central VT legal mountain bike trails
 Landowner permission form for Mt. Bikers to use to obtain permission from
landowners for trail usage.

In the works:
 ALL: Building capacity and staffing of the various organizations.  Most
groups represented depend heavily on volunteer effort.
 BB: Development of the Island line: development of Ferry and Island Line
and office.
 BB: Opening a cycling resource and organizing center next spring on the
Burlington bikepath
 VBPC: Continue the Share the Road campaign
 VMBA: Mountain Bike Map of Legal Trails in Orange County
 VMBA: Green Mountain Bike Route, (a Canadian to Mass. Border mountain
bike route.)
 GMBC / VBPC: Placing information about "Share the Road" and cycling in
the VT Motor Vehicles guide.
 LCB: Promote economic interest of Champlain Basin through cycling.
 LCB / BB: Theme Cycling Loops, (historical loops, etc.)
 LCB / VMBA: Signs for both road and mountain bike trails
 ALL: Obtaining grants for these ideas.

Common threads, visions, concerns
Should cycling clubs throughout the state increase collaboration?  Such
opportunities could include:
 Improving communication among groups and to members
 Chipping in to hire a paid executive director who could provide staff
support to contributing organizations
 Establishing an umbrella statewide pro-cycling organization that was a
coalition or alliance of cycling shops / advocacy groups / trail
developers, clubs etc.  (Could Bicycle Coalition of Maine be a template?)
 Creating an organizing space for various cycling organizations.  Office
Space available at Burlington Waterfront/Bike path. Burlington Bikeways
plans to use much of this 800 sq. ft. space as an office, a bike museum and
a regional cycling information center.
The office is situated near the Burlington waterfront, alongside the
Burlington bikepath. Chapin wanted input from all cycling groups if
office/organizing space would be an asset to other groups. Would cycling
clubs benefit from co-locating in this facility?  Burlington Bikeways sees
"La Maison De Cycliste" in Montreal to be an exciting model.
This cycling center could provide a one-stop location for bike activities
throughout the state.  Brochures, maps, and information from all clubs
could be at this central location.

Other thoughts:
 Would clubs wish to have an overall grant writer for their respective
 Have one representative contacting the state about cycling issues.
Presently, members from the numerous clubs and groups throughout the state
make contact. This person would represent our united voice.
 A big concern was burnout of board members and volunteers.
 What can be done to utilize the membership base of the various cycling
clubs to it's best potential?
 Could e-mail lists be shared among the various bike groups - or some
other method of improving communications between groups?
 What would an umbrella organization entail? George, Chapin and someone
from VMBA will work on developing a model and distributing the proposal
back to the group.

The group felt the meeting was productive.  We would continue to flesh out
ideas in the coming months.  We would meet again when we had substantive
items to discuss.