Dear Anne and Others,

The trend in tour buses in recent years has been to get the passenger
seating well elevated to provide passengers with a great view,  which also
leaves ample storage in the lower baggage portion of the bus.  If city buses
used a similar design (somewhat more expensive) there should be adequate
space in the luggage bays to provide good racks for roll on bicycle storage
for up to half as many bikes as there are seats on the bus.  Bikes would
roll in and out quickly and easily as well as be protected from weather,
road hazards and vandalism.  Also bike riders could load and unload from
curbside rather than at the more dangerous location at the front of a bus.

For example if a bus design took advantage of the full 13'6" legal height,
that would leave a large storage area in the lower half of the bus with at
least 5 feet of head room.  Of course there would be trade offs in bus cost,
rapid loading and unloading of passengers and means of access for those with
disabilities, but the more pleasant elevated seating might also attract more

- Gerry

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Date: Thursday, November 09, 2000 1:11 PM
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>Dear Gerry and All,
>     In 1897, an elevated train coach in New York had seats on one side and
>"snubs" on the other to hold the front tire of bicycles which were then
>parked at an angle like angled car parking.  Therefore, passengers were
>combined inside with bicycles.
>     In Amtrak, the bikes are put in a separate baggage car.  On buses,
>two bikes can be set in the rack on the outside front of the bus.  Bike
>can't be put on the backs of buses because 1) they get stolen and 2) the
>driver can't see them like he or she can if they are on the front, thus
>causing problems for collisions, etc.  In D.C. and some other cities like
>Portland, you are allowed to walk your bike onto the metro or light rail
>during certain hours and following certain guidelines like not leaning the
>bike up against things.
>     Does anyone have any great ideas for bikes and buses?  Now you can
>put two bikes on the front of the bus and you can't take the bikes inside.
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