Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition November 2000 Board Meeting
November 1, 2000 - Bethany Church, Montpelier, Vermont

Present: From: Amy Bell <[log in to unmask]>, Richard Bernstein
<[log in to unmask]>, Dale Critchlow <[log in to unmask]>, Rick Good
<[log in to unmask]>, Dave Jacobowitz <[log in to unmask]>, Jan McCleery
<[log in to unmask]>, George Plumb <[log in to unmask]>

Meeting called to order by George at 6:40 PM

Motion by Jan, second by Rick to approve minutes from last meeting. Approved with
change of date to November 1, 2000 for this meeting.

Nominating Committee Report. Nominees of committee are:

    Richard Bernstein (Bunky) – President
    Dale Critchlow – Vice-President
    Dave Jacobowitz – Treasurer
    Rick Good – Secretary

No nominations were made from the floor. Motion to approve – Jan, second – Rick. No
discuss. Motion approved unanimously. George agreed to continue to act as
chairperson for this meeting.

Outgoing Chairperson’s Report:

501(c)(3) status. The paperwork is close to complete. George will need a check upon
completion. David Watts, attorney, will review upon completion in a few weeks.

Thunderhead Alliance meeting. George attended this meeting of 30-40 bicycling
advocates. The meeting was mainly of East Coast organizations. George stated it was
a very good meeting and he passed around several pieces of literature.

Legislature. In determining what are goals should be for the upcoming legislature
we should look beyond just VTrans. Rick passed around a copy of the VTrans proposed
budget to the legislature. Amy stated that when we get 501(c)(3) status we will be
eligible for Enhancement Grants (or we could get them now if we worked with another
501(c)(3) corporation). Amy will also help identify other funding sources.

 Treasurer’s Report:

    Balance 3/16/2000 $656.56

        Memberships $315.00
        Interest $2.61
        Donations $350.51
    Total Income $668.12

        Bank Charges $38.00
        Publications $628.45
        Postage $184.84
        Conferences $235.97
    Total Expenditures $1,087.26

    Balance $237.42

    Bank Says $278.24

Membership reminders will be sent out by George in December.

Share the Road Brochure Report

Dale said that we would probably wait until the Spring to distribute our present
supply. Amy brought another 2,000 brochures.

Driver’s Brochures Report

Rick has not contacted Jeff to get the template but will. It was decided that this
brochure we should also try to get ready for Spring. David will find out whether it
would be possible to distribute both brochures to all High School Driver’s
Education Classes.

Buck-A-Bike Program Report

Rick handed out some 8.5 by 11 inch sample ideas, but he though that we needed
input from bicycle shops and bicycle touring groups.

Bumper Sticker Report

George stated that he has appropriately 1,000 available. It was decided that we
should give them away rather than try to sell them. Please contact George if you
wish some.

Amy Bell’s (Vermont Bicycle Coordinator) Report

VTrans has hired Jon Kaplan as an Assistant Bicycle Coordinator. Jon is an engineer
with lots of bicycle experience. Amy thought he would be a real asset to the
state’s bicycle efforts.

Funding. Interest in Bike/Ped projects is increasing. That’s good, as more projects
will be done. It also means that more groups will be looking for the same funds and
therefore some projects will not get funded.

Bike/Pedestrian Design Manual. The manual is about 1/3rd done and coming along.
This is a long term project, i.e. several years and will have plenty of public

Legislature. Amy reminded us that last year we had several legislature issues
including the repeal of the Side-Path law (where if there is a bicycle path next to
a road a bicyclist must use the bicycle path). Now is the time to be working on the
issues we want to bring to the state legislature.

Chapin Spencer’s (Interim Executive Director, Burlington Bikeways) Letter

Chapin’s letter (see Attached) was discussed.

Rick moved that “VBPC hold a Bike Summit in late winter or early spring.” Jan
seconded. In discussion of the motion Rick thought that we should invite bicycle
owners, bicycle touring operators, and bicycle club officers. Further discussion
suggested that it be a 1/2 day affair – possibly from 10 AM until 3 PM with lunch.
We should also attempt to hire a facilitator. One topic should be “How can we
assure representation.” Another topic would be the Buck-A-Bike Program. Motion
unanimously passed.

Temporary Executive Director Position

Motion was made by Rick, seconded by Dave to appoint George as our Temporary
Executive Director. Discussed. Unanimously accepted.

Dale will also ask Chapin whether we would be interested in same.
New Business

Rick produced information about the Vermont Alliance of Non-Profit Organizations.
Rick thought it should be an organization we consider joining. George will look
into it and probably have another organization he’s the director of join.

Motion and Second made to Donate $20 to the Bethany Church. Passed.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 6th at 6:30 PM. Place to be
determined. The main topic will be the Bike Summit. David will invite Karen
Kitzmiller to come also to discuss the legislature process.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 PM


George – Date(s) and Place for Bike Summit. George will also talk to Jeff about
possibly being the facilitator to the Bike Summit

Bunky – Letter to bicycle owners, bicycle tour operators, and bicycle club officers

Amy – Mailing list for above – much of which we already have

All – Facilitator (if not Jeff), Format, and Agenda Issues for Bike Summit

Note: ALL (above) is not limited to Board Members. If anyone has any ideas on a
facilitator, format or Agenda Issues please e-mail them to any board member. (If
you have ideas on a place I’m sure George will welcome same. Remember though that
for a place it should be located in the middle of the state.)

Note: also on the next agenda should be our present web page.

Respectfully Submitted, Rick

 October 30, 2000

Board of Directors
Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition
P.O. Box 4003
Burlington, VT 05406

Dear Board Members,

As a member of VBPC (if my dues aren’t current please contact me!), I know how
important our work is. I am very eager to grow VBPC into a statewide umbrella
organization ensuring a pro-bike, pro-walk culture in Vermont through advocacy and
education. I could not be here tonight due to three other evening conflicts.

I strongly believe that we must be a coalition of organizations, companies as well
as individuals. We must target cycling shops, bike clubs, downtown associations,
elder advocacy groups, children’s organizations and other existing organized
constituencies.  We need to speak for more than 40 people if our voice is to be

From my perspective, the huge need in bike/ped realm is around education. I see
VBPC as uniquely situated to be the leader of an intensive state-wide safety
education campaign.  GMBC folks like to race. LCB folks like to tour. Burlington
Bikeways folks like to ride paths. VBPC can be an umbrella organization that can
deliver safety education services to varied constituents without each local
bike/ped organization setting up their own rodeos, share the road materials etc.

As we all know, building coalitions and providing services require significant
resources.  In my eyes, VBPC must develop an ambitious safety education package and
shop it around for funding. Let’s put together a powerful need statement and
education package that solicits large grant funds from VTrans, State Police,
Highway Safety and foundations.  We should not nickel and dime every little
project.  We are experts and we should be paid to do this public safety work if the
state does not want to do it itself. The time is right to take a big step.

George Plumb and I took away numerous funding ideas from the Thunderhead Alliance
cycling conference last weekend in Hartford CT. For example, the Connecticut
Bicycle Coalition gets $30,000 from the Hartford Police alone to provide cycling
education and programming for youth. The City of Hartford also provides free office
space to the coalition. There are partnerships waiting to be made. George can fill
you in on other funding opportunities such as contracting and ‘buck-a-bike.’

Let me know how I can be of assistance.  I am confident that Burlington Bikeways
would join VBPC once organizational membership is established. In addition, we are
still willing to discuss low-cost office space for VBPC at our bikepath location.

Keep up the great work!


Chapin Spencer

Interim Executive Director

C  H  A  P  I  N        S  P  E  N  C  E  R