Hi All, about two months ago I phoned the Richmond Road Works and I experessed
my concern (on their answeing machine) about three storm drains that lie on the
south bound lane of Browns.  The section is the last 1/4 mile before the traffic
light in the center of town.

The downhill section has two drains whose storm gates that lie parrell with the
road (meaning a bike tire will drop like a rock (and will get hurt bad, if you
run over the grate).  There is also one right at the intersection of Rt. 2 and
Browns Trace on the South bound side, too.

They either need to turn the drains 90 degrees, or replace the storm gates with
the gates that look like a checkers board.

It bothers me that I never received a phone call back (not that I expected one)
and that nothings been done yet.

I'm wondering if the VPBC has any protocol for handing this?


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