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Making Math Real at The Greenwood Institute Putney VT


Instructor: David Berg


Offered: June 22 - 27, 2003


Making Math Real builds development by helping children create their own concrete mental pictures. These pictures link all concepts with their respective procedures, reducing reliance on memory. Students are successful because they see and understand what they are doing rather than memorize a rote procedure. Through instructor demonstration and hands on manipulatives, participants in the course learn to break math down into its core elements. Topics include methods for teaching basic math facts, number concepts, operations and fractions.

David Berg is an author, an educational therapist, and an instructor in Making Math Real (www.makingmathreal.org) for the University of California in Berkley and in Santa Cruz.  Take advantage of his only east coast appearance..

For information on the Vermont course see below.




Tuition:  $800 per course including materials. Graduate credits available at additional charge.


Residential Program: Limited residential space is available in Greenwood's dormitory and includes three meals a day for each full course day:

Double Occupancy (may mean sleeping on top bunk) — $250 per week.

Single Occupancy — $300 per week.


For additional information on this course please contact Michael Minsky, The Greenwood Institute, 14 Greenwood Lane, Putney,

VT 05346. Tel: 802 387-4545  E-mail: [log in to unmask]  Web site: www.greenwood.org