In regards to the following posting by Barb Unger

>In the Addison Central Supervisory District, we made a district
>to use Connected Math in grades 5,6, 7 & 8.  We did this because 6
>elementary schools feed into our middle school and adopting and using
>same program in grade 5 and 6 would help students be prepared for
>school and CMP work.  We coordinated the units that would be taught in
>and 6th so that students would have comparable experiences.  Barb Unger

Barbara - I passed the above along in my district (WSESU) and received
the following
response. Can you shed any further light?   Thanks.   Cliff

I'm curious about how Addison Central coordinates 5th and 6th grade - Do
they teach some units in fifth and some in sixth?  Do they repeat
split units between the two grades?

At the fifth grade Investigations workshop this summer, Dot and Mark
us info on how the fifth grade Investigations units and sixth grade CMP
units coordinate.  It was interesting to see the amount of overlap and
repetition (and in my experience, the repetition is often in areas in
which students need that spiraling curriculum because of conceptual

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