Prof.  John Pucher writes simply, to the point, and usefully for our purposes.  His
data shows the decline of walking/biking in the early 90s in the US, the several
times more dangerous (fatality rates) for US versus Germany and the Netherlands,
and how the two European countries cut their fatality rates while increasing already
substantial bike/ped modal activity. A must read for us.

Implication:  We need to improve the safety of the downtown, village, and high use
urban routes for bikes peds--this includes eduation, enforcement and engineering
(targeted investments, like roundabouts at crossings)--and, yes, traffic calming
investments in residential areas.

Disappointment in Pucher's evaluation is his failure to mentioin the burgeoning
roudabout population in both the Netherlands and Germany durng the bike/ped
growth and safety improvements. Am going to write a note to him about this today!



PROF. JOHN PUCHER of Rutgers University, co-author of "Promoting Safe
Walking and Cycling to Improve Public Health: Lessons from the Netherlands
and Germany" (Am. Journal of Public Health, Sept. '03), has posted a pdf
file of his article on the ncbw forum website. Follow this link to his
introductory message and the pdf of the article:

Prof. Pucher says: "I would be most pleased to discuss the article
and its policy implications with any who are interested. It seems to me to
be a crucial development that the huge public health community is now
joining forces with environmentalists and the sustainable transport
movement to support walking and cycling for practical, daily transport..."

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