The City of Montpelier (8,000 population) held a transportation visioning
session last night with about 40 participants, an event guided by Smart
Mobility of Norwich, VT.  After identifying current conditions, trends and
various transportation options the audience outlined a list of concerns
and current City transportation strengths.  Then four teams were formed to
work independently on a vision and utilized a large City map for an
individual team to put down ideas.  The maps already had existing
bikepaths, public transport routes, roads, etc.  Note there were two
advocates of roundabouts there (myself and a former City councilor)
neither of whom used the R word in their groups.  What was the result
when the teams reported?  All teams came up with two major themes--and
outline of a strong intra-community public transit service expansion and
system....and roundabouts.  Both were, in my view, were unexpected.
Conversion of several intersection were mentioned as possibilities, but
the one that most suggested as the first priority is the intersection at
the base of Main Street (level of service F) that is the gateway to the
interstate and other federal and State routes to the east and south.

In addition, Curt McCormack (Montpelier Bikepath Committee and City Planning
Commission)  was present.  There was also strong support from all to complete and
expand the bicycle path system, partially as a feeder to a transit system and
partially in view of the fact that that is ongoing.

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-- You're invited! --

The VT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition annual meeting (and ride) will be on
Saturday, October 4.  We'll have a potluck dinner after the ride.

At the meeting, bicyclists and walking advocates from around the state will
be invited to comment on our accomplishments for last year -- and give us
ideas, input, and volunteerings of help for 2004.

*  What should we, could we, be doing to better represent your interests at
the state level?
*  How can we be more effective educators of children, adults, and
* What should be on our legislative agenda?
* What local groups and projects should we support and/or connect with?

This will be held in Bristol.

Details to follow!


PS.  In order to VOTE you really do need to be a member of the Coalition
(that means paying dues).  We will welcome input from non-members as well...
but please consider supporting our efforts.  We both need your financial
contribution (those $15s add up) and to be able to count you formally among
our numbers.

 Becka Roolf, Director          [log in to unmask]
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 Roads are for people, not just for people in cars.
 Walking, bicycling, & multi-use trails: your best
  transportation investment for a healthy Vermont.

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