While I will be in Montreal this weekend--hopefully biking the Lachine Canal--and cannot be at the annual meeting, hope these emails help to explain why the roundabout is absolutely neccessary just about everywhere for the benefits of pedestrians and to the slight (no delay, reduced injury severity, etc.) to bicyclists.

Do have two bumper stickers now, a general pro-roundabout sticker ($1.50) and one with a the blue universal roundabout ahead sign with the text "I's Rather b Driving through a Roundabout than Stuck at this Stupid Red Light" which costs $2.50.  Both are post paid and am letting go at cost.  Am also working with a professor Bob White on organizing a New England Area Roundabout Coalition (NEARC).  


The two emails below, both dated September 12, provide insight to the
current roundabout revolution, the importance of competent design, and
safety for pedestrians and all users.  Note that French urban modal splits
include 30% pedestrian (1990) versus the US figure of 9%.  French
experience below works out to one ped injury per 267 roundabouts per year
(Vermont, for example, has about 300 signalized intersections all told).  
Also, the Clearwater roundabout has up to 6,000 pedestrians a day--no injuries reported to date, I believe.

SEPTEMBER 12,  2003

ALL: Since france has 23,000 roundabouts and I know one of Frances' top
designers, i was curious to see how they handle blind and low-vision
pedestrian problems. FYI, here is his answer. gene

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Dear professor Eugene

Problem of blind and low-vision pedestrians seems to be an important problem in USA. In France, blind and low-vision associations
are more interrested by sound signal in trafic-light intersections but
said nothing against roundabout.

Just some statistics :
in 2001, approximately 23000 roundabouts in France
1329 corporal accidents, but only 86 with pedestrians (2 fatal accidents)
Now, it's necessary to put "podotactile" line at all new

Do you think that trafic-light industry want to devalue roundabout ?

I never read paper of other countries about this problem.
With kind regards




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Objet : Hello
Bernard:  Just a note to say "hello" and ask a question.  Do you have any
problems with blind and low-vision pedestrians at you roundabouts in

If it is a concern, how do you handle it?    Hope this finds you in good
health.  Gene

Dr Eugene R. (Geno) Russell,P.E.,PhD., Professor Emeritus and Past
Director,Center for Transportation Research and Training, Department of
Civil Engineering, 2118 Fiedler Hall, Manhattan, KS  66506-5000


Dear friends,
Please pass the great news below on to everyone in your address book that
cares about roundabouts. I believe this may be the greatest roundabout
design achievement in history!

Barry Crown's tremendous success in Clearwater, Florida should be
trumpeted from the highest mountain. Clearwater was an extraordinarily
difficult design, with a history of some 300+ crashes per year before
Barry corrected the previous design. This has dropped to 3 minor crashes
per year. This is a landmark achievement.

It means that a roundabout's success or failure depends on the design, and
feared local factors, such as unfamiliar or unskilled drivers, have
nothing to do with it. It is always the design. Good or bad, it is always
the design.

And to me it affirms that Barry Crown is the greatest roundabout designer
in the world.

Leif Ourston, P.E.
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I have some wonderful news to relay to you.  In February of 2002 we did
some improvements to the roundabout that Barry had designed involving
enlarging the radii onto Coronado and Mandalay as well as reconfiguring
the curb line on the west side of the roundabout between Mandalay and
Coronado.  We followed Barry's improvement design and I can say since then
we have had only 3 minor accidents in over a year.  The improvements Barry
designed did the trick.  By the way Barry we corrected the striping error
I spoke with you about last week.
           Paul Bertels
Traffic Operations Division
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Tony Redington
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