Hi Tony,

Thanks for sending some notes on recent roundabout news along to VT 
Bike Ped's discussion list.

While VT Bike Ped is on record with a policy decision supporting 
roundabouts several years ago in the late 90s, it is not a policy we 
have recently reviewed.  Single-lane roundabouts, as you note, are 
considerably safer for bicyclists & pedestrians -- two-lane 
roundabouts, such as the design being floated as an alternative to the 
Circ, are more iffy.

Individual members of VT Bike Ped are welcome to present their opinions 
on these and other transportation projects.  At this time, VT Bike Ped 
as an organization is not engaged to advocacy on the Clarendon 
roundabout, but we will confer with our partner organization in 
Rutland.  I am not clear if calling the Governor's office is the best 
action in the event that we want to speak up about the roundabout?  It 
seems to me that individuals who want to weigh in on the issue of the 
roundabout might do well to write a letter to the Rutland Herald on the 


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On Aug 16, 2005, at 10:20 AM, Tony Redington wrote:

The Clarendon roundabout is at a high speed intersection at a rural 
location with limited if any pedestrian traffic and only long distance 
bicycle use (it will cause terrible crashes in a signal or its current 
mode).  But is represents a huge issue for us in the bike/ped community 
because if this “gift” from Senator Jeffords get rejected by the AOT 
bureaucrats, major projects in Montpelier, Manchester, completing the 
change of course of a signal to a roundabout at East Montpelier etc., 
will also face delays for all those bureaucratic reasons.  So please 
consider a call....


The AOT cancelling the signal at Clarendon and accepting the Sen. 
Jeffords earmark is critical to all who want the Circ stopped and the 
Vermont transportation policy to stop stonewalling roundabouts and 
highway safety in the bargain.   Some push is under way within the Town 
of Clarendon to have the selectboard endorse the signal project now 
underway!  Local leaders will fight this and push for the roundabout.  
Apparently the roundabout there is viewed as a threat to AOT projects 
everywhere including the Circ and So. Connector projects in Chittenden 

            We can band together to stop this nonsense. 
You can call the Governor's Hot Line 800-649-6825  and ask the State to 
build at Clarendon's US 7/VT 103 intersection (just south of Rutland) a 
safe roundabout at 100% federal expense and stop the dangerous stop 
light which will cost upwards of $100,000 in state monies--and 
encourage others to do the same.  This is before the state loses suits 
for the serious injuries sure to occur“a crash on a permanent pad has 
already occurred.  Legal liability for negligence in building stop 
lights stands as the reason why NYDOT bans stop lights in their new 
policy, essentially now in effect and to be formally adopted before 
year end.  Two engineering studies show the roundabout superior in 
safety and service.  The Agency to this date stiffs the regional 
transportation group, the Town of Clarendon, two major Rutland Herald 
editorials, and Sen. Jeffords who lives just down the road from the 
intersection in Shrewsbury (he earmarked the $1 million which the 
Agency has known has been pending well before they issued the contract 
this spring for the stop light).

            Oh yes, the roundabout design provided by Howard McCulloch, 
consultant and NYDOT roundabout engineer, under contract to the Rutland 
Regional Planning Commission, calls for a super-safe single lane 


Tony Redington
Transportation Policy
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