Hi Everybody,
       I hope you all had a good week. I just wanted to remind you that
I need roommate and suitemate agreements back. I need roommate
agreements from the following people:
Zuzana and Anna 262, Johannes and Adrian 276, Drew and Dylan 383,
Claire and Eva 384.
     I need suitemate agreements from the 270s suite and the 380s suite.
People with new roommates, I will get you agreements soon.
Thanks for your help everyone.

   Now I can get to the good part. I am officially anouncing the A-High
Halloween door decorating contest. I'm still working out details, but
I wanted you to get started thinking about it. There will be a special
guest judge:) and of course will be prizes involved. The judging will
take place the last weekend in October. I'll let you all know the
details when I figure everything out.

   Hope you have a good weekend.

Liz Batsford
L/L Center
Burlington, VT

~Hate the sin, love the sinner~Ghandi