Hi all,

On Friday, February, 16, Dan Harvey and I will be walking around Votey  
and Perkins with a camera crew. We'll be doing interviews with  
students and faculty, and shooting as much other interesting footage  
as we can. The end goal is to create a 4-5 minute professionally  
produced, broadcast-quality video that we'll show during Admitted  
Student Visitation Days, put on the web, and use in any other  
marketing efforts we can.

Our primary goal is to shoot short interviews of students, in various  
locales in and around Votey and Perkins.  We are developing a list of  
questions (who are you, what students organizations you're involved  
with, what sorts of special research or other work you've done here);  
we are very interested in capturing the flavor of being a student at  
CEMS and how you have grown here.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me back and let  
me know when and where you would be available to be interviewed (the  
interviews will be short enough to fit approximately within time  
between classes, if you are pushed back-to-back that day).

We are also trying to shoot interesting labs or classes that day that  
will feature students doing hands-on activities; good math,  
engineering, or CS lectures occuring that day (in a nice-looking  
classroom); CEMS grad or undergrad students in research labs working  
with faculty; that sort of thing.

So, we would greatly appreciate your recommendation about what labs or  
classes you think would be good for us to shoot.

We hope you'll be involved with this; as our student leaders, you will  
have a lot to say that will be of interest to everyone!