Texas Instruments has just released information about a new product.  It is called TI-Nspire and is very exciting.  It is more than a new product.  It is a new concept for teaching.  It will exist in both a CAS ( computer algebra system) and a non CAS version.  The non CAS version quickly becomes a TI-84, if you desire.  The best part is that training is being offered this summer.  For $225 for three days of training, you will get the product (non CAS version), the overhead projection device, and the computer software for the product.  I am told that this is over $500 worth of stuff.  Ninety workshops will be offered at 30 locations this summer.  The closest to us is Exeter, NH and Worcester, MA.  I believe that these will fill up very quickly, so don't delay if you are interested.  Information can be obtained at http://TI-Nspire.com .  Additional workshops are planned for the fall.  I am asking for one in Vermont Oct 18,19 (VNEA days) but I think that there is only a very remote possibility of getting it.  I suspect that CT or RI will have more chance than VT.  Check out the website for locations, registration info and a product demo.  The days of reduced prices for TI equipment if you attend a training are back!  Please send me an e-mail if you register for one of the summer trainings and/or are interested if we can get a VT fall training.  I will be building a list of interested teachers to have in case it helps to get a VT training.  My e-mail is [log in to unmask] .  Do not reply to this message as your reply will go out to the entire list serve!  Jean