ATMNE Annual Conference :  Sheraton Hotel, Springfield, MA November 8&9, 2007


Problem Solving:  A Multi-Representational Approach


NCTM past presidents, Glenda Lappan and Cathy Seeley will be featured speakers at the annual ATMNE conference.  These two internationally noted presenters will be joined by Jim Rubillo, Executive Director for NCTM, and Marshalyn Baker, NCTM Board of Directors, Steve Leinwand, and Carole Greenes, Past Presidents of NCSM as well as many other speakers of note. 


Come join your mathematics colleagues in a wide range of workshops, sessions, and general information sessions.  Rob Richardson, East Coast Education Manager for Intel, will offer a businessman’s view of mathematics education.  Meet the authors of the Connected Mathematics Project and CMP2 – Glenda Lappan, Betty Phillips, and Susan Friel.


 Hear about the successes of two Title IIB grant programs designed to increase the mathematics content knowledge of teachers and ultimately their students.  Anne Collins, Lesley University, and Andrew Chen will share their professional development models.


If you have never heard a mathematical musical you are in for a treat! Carole Greenes and Carol Findell and the “Mathematical Notes” will serenade you in a mathematical song for a light-hearted tribute to mathematics education.


Also, you won’t want to miss the Balomenos Lecture by Margaret (Peg) Bondorew as she recaps her involvement in educational reform.  Peg is well-known regionally, as well as nationally, for her passion regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students. 


Learn about the NCTM Focal Points and their implications for grade level expectations.


There are several sessions and workshops which are designed for teachers of prekindergarten to grade 2 students, as well as many for elementary, middle, and high school teachers.


Some of the High School topics include; “Real World and Contrived Mathematical Problems”, “Parametric Equations in Algebra”, “Using Difference Equations in HS”, “Number Theory, The Queen of Mathematics”,” The Math of NUMB3RS”, “What’s New with Texas Instruments ?”, “Invention to Enrichment for Algebraic Thinking”, “Four Great Geometric Problems with Interesting Solutions”, along with many more.


So…mark your calendars for what appears to be a high-powered mathematical experience for all on November 8 & 9, 2007.


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