Hi Sharon,

   Wednesday May 2nd @ 3 will be great, we look forward to meeting with Dan!


Quoting Sharon Sylvester <[log in to unmask]>:

> Jacquie,
> Unfortunately, Dean Grasso has informed me he will be unavailable to
> meet with you due to other meetings already scheduled...he asked if you
> would still like to hold this meeting with our Assistant Dean, Dan
> Harvey..... either date will work on his calendar for Wednesday, April
> 25th or Wednesday, May 2n.rd...let me know...
> Sharon
> Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
>> Hi Sharon,
>>  I would like to schedule a meeting with the dean and the student    
>> advisory council on a wednesday at 3:00 toward the end of april or   
>>  first week of may.  It will be an end of the year party to discuss  
>>   what we have accomplished and goals for next year.  Is there a  
>> way  to  organize refreshments? - I can buy them and then get  
>> reimbursed??
>> Thank-you,
>> Jacquie