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Dear Vermont Educators:

There is so much to say and convey about how wonderful it is to
see and hear my friend Barbara Morgan in orbit!  The long-awaited
launch (21 years!) and the Teacher in Space-Space Ambassadors'
launch update conference I helped organize for our group in Florida was just fabulous!  I have various plans in the works for Vermont educators for 2007-2008 (and beyond) that will be shared as the details get worked out.

Most importantly, please visit my website for the current STS-118
mission related links and information. I've been updating it since the
launch and there are time sensitive updates and education opportunities that have been posted since my last message to you before I left for  Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


1) 8:05 am TODAY (Thurs., Aug. 16):  2nd education downlink with
students at Challenger Center with orbiting astronauts Barbara
Morgan and "space walker" Rick Mastracchio of the STS-118
Endeavour crew.  (Contact me with any questions about Challenger
Center. As a founding Challenger Center International Faculty
Member and TIS-SA, I have information to share. That's another
dream of mine.)

2) 3rd education downlink on Sunday, Aug. 19 at 7:56am
Education downlink with Barb Morgan in orbit to the Robert L. Ford
NASA Explorer School in Massachusetts on Sunday, Aug. 19 at
7:56 a.m. EDT


3)  How, When and Where to view the International Space Station
(ISS) transiting (orbiting) above Vermont:


4)  <http://www.vtspaceeducation.org/space_ed_news.html>

Registration is NOW open for educators to participate in the NASA
and ITEA Design and Engineering Challenge for 2007-2008. The
first 100,000 educators to sign up will receive a packet of "space
flown" cinnamon basil seeds to use as science experiments with
their students.  The seeds are flying in orbit on Endeavour during
this mission. One Lunar Plant Growth Chamber has been brought to
the ISS and will remain up there as a mini-greenhouse--the design
and engineering challenge is for your students to create one as well.

5)  Keep checking the website and your email for more updates.

6) If you wish to be removed from this list, please send me an
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7) Feel free to forward or post this email, with my contact
information, to other interested educators.

Keep watching the night sky and wave hello to Barbara as we all
wait for the safe return and landing of Endeavour and her crew. We
are so proud of Barb and the entire crew!


Gail Breslauer
Vermont Space Education Program
PO Box 550
Moretown, VT 05660

web: <www.VtSpaceEducation.org>
email: <[log in to unmask]>
phone: 802-496-3795

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