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Date: Oct 3, 2007 7:18 PM
Subject: UVM ME Friends
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It was great to meet you all on Monday.  Oliver and I really enjoyed our
visit to Votey!  Thanks JJ for setting up our visit!

I am from Akron Ohio.  The U of Akron has a strong tradition of success the
SAE competitions.  My father knows the Dean of their college of Engineering.
My father has passed along the email below and the attached Power Point
which you may find interesting.  Upon review of the email/presentation, I
encourage you guys to follow up with their Dean.  It may be interesting to
develop some relationships at Akron, clearly they have some good experience.

Akron is the "rubber capital of the world" hence, my tire contacts.  As
noted in my Dad's email below, we are working on some tires. Most likely
tires would come from Goodyear, Dunlop or Kelly Tires.  When we got free
tires back in 1999, they let us pick what we needed.  Hopefully it will work
that way for you guys too. I'll keep you guys posted; I'd love to see
something work out.

I will also try to scan in some pix from our team as promised. I don't have
any digital pix from the competition...yikes that makes me feel old!.

Thank you again for taking time out to meet with Oliver and I.  Best of luck
with everything each of you is working on.

Sara Fritsch
ME Class of 2000

Sara Fritsch
Senior Project Manager
ACME Business Consulting, LLC

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Please find attached the presentation that I discussed with you.

I think it would be great if the dean of Mechanical Engineering at the
University of Vermont get in contact with George Haritos at the University
of Akron, I will include his contact information and as you can see I have
CC'ed him on this note. There may be opportunities for collaboration and
joint engineering on some projects.

It is fantastic that you and Oliver were some of the founders of this
concept at University of Vermont.

I am sure we can find your team some tires.


Dr. George K. Haritos
Dean College of Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Auburn Science & Engineering Center 201
Akron, Ohio 44325-3901

330-972-6978 (office)
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