Hey Guys,

Just a quick update. I just received the quote back from Polaris, and  
on top of the significant discount we already receive, we are  
receiving any parts we bought last year at the same cost this year.  
Most prices go up year to year but the Polaris Engineer responsible  
for helping out the Mini Baja teams is definitely helping us out in a  
big way.

The total for the parts order is roughly $1200 and it includes all  
front suspension components, rear suspension components, rear drive  
train components, and any other various parts we use on the car. I'm  
going to review it once more to make sure we have everything on there  
that we need, and that nothing is extra. It takes us 7 business days  
to get a purchase order cleared through SGA, so next week we'll be  
ready to order these parts, and they'll be a nice little holiday  
present for us.




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