Hey Guys,

I hope finals are going well for everyone. 'Tis almost the season.

I'm looking for someone to help me out early tomorrow morning in  
running an errand and figuring a few things out with our old car.  
Basically, we have a few parts to pick up in the area and a few quick  
things to take care of in the shop. The reason I say 1 person is that  
I only have room for 1 in my truck and it's nothing real exciting to  
help out with, just some errands around town and maybe 15-30 min of  
work in the shop.
We want to take last years car out for a bit and do some tuning once  
we have the needed parts, and once we fix a break in the frame we  
discovered earlier today in doing some work on it.
Let me know if one of you is interested in coming along tomorrow  
morning (about 7-730am). I'll buy coffee.

As far as other things go, we are just getting a few things lined up  
to start building over break (most likely in between Christmas and New  
Years for a couple of days, and then in the week or so before the 2nd  
semester starts up. If you are local and will be around, shoot me an  
email so I can get a rough idea on what we will have for help. If you  
are from out of town and want to come in for a couple of days without  
commuting, bring a sleeping bag and we'd be happy to give you some  
real estate on the floor of the apartment.

Due to the general approval from everyone on the t-shirt, I will be  
giving Dom a contact so he can look to have the design approved, and  
we can hopefully have them printed over break. I will let you know if  
we get a price quote sometime soon, and we can then sort out the costs  
for team members/family/friends etc.

Take care and good luck on finals.


P.S. I've been slowly adding some bios to the website when I have  
time. If you want yours up there, shoot me an email and I'll get it up  
there ASAP. Don't forget a pic if you want one too.


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