Hey Team,

There are a few systems that need to be worked on and completed. These 
are good opportunities for younger members to get involved in but will 
need the supervision/direction of some returning members.

A big one is the suspension fabrication.
Remaining on that segment are:

Fix the location of front tabs. Modify Polaris A-Arms to fit last year's 
geometry (cutting off of through bolts and welding in tube inserts)
Fabricate upper shock mounts.
Fabricate tie rods - steering rack is in the mail

Once the next batch of tabs gets cut (see additional email) the rear 
links can get built. Those will go pretty quick based on their layout 
and the use of jigs.

The rear of the frame will be set to go next week pending a few final 
touches in other areas. That will go pretty quick as well. Pretty simple 
machining and fabrication.

Driver Controls:
Gas Pedal, Brake Pedal, master cylinder mounting (only after front susp 
is done), dashpanel, etc. Last years pedal design works ok but I 
encourage someone to think of a different setup maybe a little lighter 
and less fabrication (not that last years was that much but you get the 

I've attached a pdf of a task list. check it out. I'll be hanging a more 
detailed on up in the shop so sign up on it starting tomorrow and such. 
Might get a way to have this posted on the website and log in to 
update/check up in it.

Like I said, the remaining work is perfect for young guys to get 
involved, but its going to take the support of returning 
members.Ideally, some of you can take on as "head" of these tasks since 
you've been exposed to it in the past and at the same time, can teach 
people the techniques involved. Start singing up with stuff you are 
interested in.

Have a good night.


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