Hey All,

I'm sure most of you saw the message in regards to Dean Grasso's  
closing of the College. Floyd left for the day due to the weather, so  
we are unable to work in the shop today. I know some of you were  
hoping to come in and work on the new car but we'll have to wait.

If you would still like to work on re-assembling last year's car, that  
can be arranged. Some of us will be in Votey for the afternoon so feel  
free to come in around 4 or so if this works for people? This was the  
intended time to work as of last night, so lets keep it at that.

My number is listed below so if you want to check that we are around  
before stopping in, give me a call.

Be careful in the frozen wasteland out there.


Michael C. Murray
2009 Mechanical Engineering Undergrad
Team Captain - UVM Mini Baja - (Catamount Racing)

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