Hey All,

Just a few things.

Plan on a meeting Tues night 730 in the shop.

Team Flotation. Your foam should have been shipped out this past  
Friday, so hopefully we will see it towards the end of this week. I  
will be picking up our 2 sheets of HDPE a week from today. Get a bill  
of mat'ls together for things needed to build the flotation. This  
means, McMaster part numbers, quantities, prices, etc etc. Get a  
design drawn up. We could potentially have the plastic laser cut so  
help keep some fabrication time down and keep the symmetry of the car  

Go over registration/race info - You have 1 week to register if you'd  
like to be  on our team roster on the SAE site. We will go into detail  
tomorrow night, but please, try to register. I need your membership  
numbers as well so I can punch them into the roster online.

+Discuss next fabrication plans to get working on before break.
+Discuss potential Spring Break plans.
+Discuss Design/Cost report schedule.
+Discuss a few other things too.

Good luck on exams and work. I know everyone has been busy, and I  
appreciate the help/continued interest from people.

Enjoy the nice weather.



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