I hope you had a chance to get out today and enjoy the sun. 
Due to a delay in ordering the adhesive for the floatation foam, we wont 
be gluing the foam this weekend.  I guess having the adhesive would help 
on that front. We do, however, have all of the other materials we need 
in order to complete that project.  I will send out an email later next 
week in regards to when we'll be in the shop.  Its much easier to glue 
everything after hours so nothing gets disturbed.  Its also space 
consuming, so its best to do it over a weekend.  We will need to glue 
the HDPE and the 2 layers of foam first.  Then trim it to shape after it 
sets overnight.  After that the hardware can be added.     Next we will 
add the 3rd later on the sides, and let that set.  Overall it should 
take two, roughly 3 hour sessions to glue and trim, not including the 
hardware "installation".  Not a tough job, just time consuming. 

Please let me know if you will be around next weekend to lend a hand.  I 
dont know if it will be Friday night, or sat for the first phase.  Look 
for another email regarding that.

Enjoy the weekend



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