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NOAA has released a news release type story on spring flooding and the outlook across the US. In the release, it states the following:

Major floods striking America’s heartland this week offer a preview of the spring seasonal outlook, according to NOAA’s National Weather Service. Several factors will contribute to above-average flood conditions, including record rainfall in some states and snow packs, which are melting and causing rivers and streams to crest over their banks. This week, more than 250 communities in a dozen states are experiencing flood conditions.

The detailed release with entire story along with forecast graphics and a link to Flood awareness information can be found at the following NOAA internet site:

Keep in mind that NOAA's national flood awareness week continues ... from March 17 to March 21, 2008. In Vermont, flooding is a possibility year-round due to ice jams and spring snow melt in winter/spring...heavy rain and thunderstorms in the summer and remnants of tropical storms during the fall as well as fall and winter rain storms. Know the flood safety tips ahead of time by checking out another NOAA internet site:

Thanks...and have a Happy first day of astronomical spring...
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