All of the required materials are in so we can start laminating the  
floatation.  I want to get at least the first 2 layers of foam and the  
layer of HDPE glued up this weekend.  Im free Friday night, possibly  
sat night or Sunday night too.  I prefer Friday after the shop closes  
so were not in anyone's way, and so we dont have to cut into anyone's  
social life any more than baja already has.
Send me an email if you think you can help and when.  Obviously if no  
one can do it fri afternoon, we wont do it then.
This wont be too involved, but it needs to get started this weekend.

Also, good work to those who have been in the shop lately.  I havent  
been in as much as id like to be, but there are some of you who have  
been putting in a good effort.  It is appreciated by the whole team.
Look for an email from Mike about this weekend and a potential driving  
day and such.

Enjoy your night & homework



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