Hey All,

No meeting tonight. I don't see the need to have everyone come to chat  
for 15 minutes when most of you have been in during the past couple of  
days so you know where we stand. A few members also have an exam  
tonight, and there are some other things going on. Look for an updated  
to-do list on the door.

I know Marcus sent out some info about flotation. Expect another  
message from him in a couple days about the plan for this weekend.

Weather pending, keep your eyes open for news on a driving day this  
weekend. Some of you have been helping out quite a bit and really  
deserve to take out an older car and drive around for a bit. Looks  
like rain for Friday and Sat with Sunday being the better day, but  
lets wait until we near the end of the week to decide.

Feel free to chirp in with any ideas or questions and keep showing up  
to work. This is crunch time - LOTS to do.




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