That's right team, it's time for fire extinguisher training...

As discussed on Friday afternoon, the UVM Fire Marshall would like to  
give us a short training seminar on fire extinguisher use/safety, etc  

Despite several members not being able to make it, we agreed that this  
coming Saturday, October 11th, would work out OK. Now I just need to  
specify a time with the Fire Marshall. It is roughly a 45 minute  
session, and personally, it'd be nice to get it done with earlier in  
the morning, rather than smack in the middle of the day...The weather  
is supposed to be great, so go hike/bike/swim/run or something after  
it's done.

If any of you have a valid excuse/complaint for not doing this at  
something like 9am, let me know...and hangovers don't count, as  
they're expected...I realize it's a Saturday, but you'll be happy when  
it's still early in the AM and you have the whole day to do stuff.



O ya, how are those "reverse engineering" parts coming out for those  
who took them?



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