For those who missed Thursday's meeting, here is what was discussed:

+T shirt company to be contacted Monday - prices/quantities to be confirmed.

+Fabrication - steering + front suspension needs rebuild. Dom and I  
will organize this task and be looking for helpers soon. Keep your  
ears open about this.

+Solid modeling of parts (taken home at last meeting) - Send Mike(me)  
Solidworks files and ask for more parts to model. No new part models  
needed currently (for current design)

+Shop orientation - new team members must figure out a time to meet  
with Floyd to go over shop safety, equipment operation/processes, etc  
etc. 2 members are currently good for 330 on MWF. Please send ME (not  
listserv) what times work for you. Floyd is in 8-4 every day, and  
would most likely stay a bit past 4 if need be. We should have enough  
members to fill a 5-10 person slot. When enough people throw out some  
times, we will set this up with Floyd.

+UVM Open House on Sat. Nov. 8th - 1030am -? I will get the official  
time tomorrow. I will be bringing the car over to the Davis Center  
(with a truck) to show if off & talk about CEMS with perspective  
students and parents.

+Tentative driving day Nov. 8th following the open house. This will be  
weather pending and assuming we get a hold of the SGA truck for the day.

+Website updates will take place later this afternoon/evening and into  
tomorrow. It will be ready for Dom's trip to mass for the trade show  
(forgot the name).

+UVM Driving Certification - all members who plan to attend a trip in  
the Fall must be certified to drive a UVM vehicle. The certification  
is a 1-2 hour session set up by Risk Management covering vehicle  
safety, operation, etc etc. From my current understanding, if we have  
enough people (10+?) we can specify our own time. Otherwise, the times  
are setup biweekly or once a month, etc. I will contact the organizer  
this week and see what we need to do to set up our own time. This will  
most likely take place along with members of the AERO team.

That is all for now. I will send an update on some things - t shirts,  
parts modeling, as they are finished. Also keep your ears open about  
the fabrication stuff listed above.

Sorry for the long message.




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