We have some CMP books we would be interested in selling at a reduced rate, or donating to a worthy cause who would pay for the shipping.  If you are interested or know of anyone that might be, please have them email me directly or call me at 527-7197 x 301.  See inventory below:
Grade Unit Title Number of Units
6 Prime Time 84
  Data About Us 81
  Shapes and Designs 90
  B + P I 48
  B + P II 76
  How Likely Is It? 87
  Coverings + Surroundings 85
  Ruins of Montarek 0
7 Variables + Patterns 78
  Stretching + Shrinking 75
  Comparing + Scaling 72
  Accentuate the Negative 75
  Moving Straight Ahead 75
  Filling + Wrapping 53
  What Do You Expect 82
  Data Around Us 83
8 Thinking w/ Math Models 75
  Looking for Pythagoras 88
  Growing, Growing, Growing 82
  Frogs, Fleas, and Painted Cubes 88
  Say It With Symbols 71
  Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps, and Mirrors 0
  Samples and Populations 76
  Clever Counting 0



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